Best Gun Brands – What Are They?

What’s the best gun brand out there? We all want the best so we have to know. Research results in finding there is no best handgun for everybody. It turns out the best is what’s best for you. Feel it, dry shoot it, how do you look holding it, those are what should be going on in your head before the purchase. Like buying a car for your self, you see it first then you imagine yourself driving it then you go for a test drive to finalize your decision. Here are some ideas on where to start.


Best by Sales

Gun sales are a multi million dollar business. Although sales are declining somewhat, millions are still sold each year. From April 2017 through April 2018 net sales accumulated to almost $450 millions and gross profit (net sales minus research and development, advertising etc.) was around $125 million. The total numbers are hard to determine though because most gun manufacturers are private. Only two, American Outdoor Brands, owner of Smith & Wesson, and Sturm Ruger are publicly traded. That means they have to report earnings and financial information to their stock holders. So the information is public. Some of their best sellers are:

Smith & Wesson 686 – it can shoot both the .357 magnum and .38 Special bullets

S&W 686

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 – modeled after the Glock, the Military & Police model has a polymer frame and high capacity magazine

Ruger LCR revolver – light combination polymer and aluminum frame with a 5 round chamber capable of shooting a .38 Special round

Ruger American Pistol – a player in the 9mm market, is ambidextrous and comes with different back straps to adjust to different handsizes

Best by Performance

Performance is defined in terms of accuracy. Of course most of hitting the target lies in the hands of the shooter but some guns are built for getting the bullet exactly where you want it. Results from these findings are from shooters at ranges and measure the distance of the holes on the target when shooting at the bullseye and the distance from the target. At the Smith & Wesson Performance Center guns are hand built with care to have the greatest levels of precision and quality. Guns known for their high performance are:

S&W 5906 PPC9 – models have both a 5″ and 6″ barrel. These are known for their accuracy and are highly used in competition.

Sig Sauer P226S X-Five – created for the US Army also carried by the US Navy seals, Texas Rangers and many specialized law enforcement and military pros.

CZ Tactical Sport – is newer (about 10 years old) and is popular in Europe as a competitive shooter. It was designed for single action* only and is lightweight to make rapid fire easier.


Best by Customer Reviews – Popular

People swear by these that follow as a means of self, family or home protection whether it’s from home invasion, space alien invasion or plain old comfort in shooting.

Glock 19 – the perfect home defense pistol. A gun owner favorite because of its accuracy and reliability

Glock 17 – the old saying from the Timex commercial comes to mind here, “it takes a licking and keeps on ticking”. It’s performance is not hampered after being roughed up a bit. It’s an Austrian gun but a top seller in the US.

Sig Sauer 229 – standard issue for the US Secret Service. It’s designed for overall performance in conjunction with human operation. “It just feels so good when holding it”. No trouble with rapid fire.

Springfield XDM – “precision and aim” is what gun owners boast about with this pistol. Pointing and shooting quickly is crucial when in protection mode.



In Closing

Being typical in America, there are many choices available for your home defense or reason for purchasing a handgun. Don’t be afraid to go to your local gun shop and be the question man or woman. Feel the weapon in your hand. Take a test drive by going to a gun range to rent a pistol. Be comfortable with your choice before buying. Then practice, practice, practice.






* single action, the gun is cocked prior to shooting the first round in the magazine by chambering a round. Subsequently, recoil cocks the gun making it ready to fire without any further action. By definition, trigger pull both cocks and releases the hammer in a double action pistol.


  1. Great information about guns, but I haven’t got a clue what these look like. Can you possibly add some pictures?
    My fiance really wants me to get a gun, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever buy one.

    • With the world the way that it is and the way it’s going, you may want to reconsider. Of course I will add pictures.

  2. I like this site. I have had most of the brands in the past, but my 3 favorite I have are the S&W pro series .357 and .44, both in matte black. I also have a M&P .45, which is probably my “go-to”. I think that the general population could benefit from an education in regard to guns/shooting. My dad taught me to respect guns from about 5 years old. Probably the best advice I have is, “Never point a gun at anything you don’t intend to kill”.


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